Video IP Surveillance & Physical Access Control

We could all use a little more peace of mind today, even at work.

How secure is your office from theft, vandalism, or unwanted solicitation? Do you have staff working after normal business hours, or early arrivers? What about just keeping an eye on things when you are travelling or working remotely?

Advances in access and surveillance technology have grown in leaps and bounds, because more than ever, security is a real concern for most of us.
What was once considered a large disruptive and expensive undertaking is now a manageable and affordable one. Access solutions range from simple card access installations to biometric technology, like retina recognition. Surveillance equipment can be wired or wireless to accommodate new or existing construction. IP based systems can be remotely accessed and controlled from a secure web-enabled computer, smartphone or compatible device.

Security is of tantamount importance, and you’ll never get a second chance to get it right. You need to have the utmost confidence in who you entrust this undertaking too. That is where we can help. At Voda, we have done our homework and have chosen a few very select partners who not only have the latest cutting edge technology, but are experts in installing and supporting it. We can arrange for a site survey, and even project manage the installation so you can remain focused on your business with minimal interruption.

Here are some of the access control products available:

  • Card Access Control
  • Key Pad
  • Audio systems
  • Video/Intercom Entry
  • Camera – high-quality video streamed securely, in real-time
  • Biometric Access Control Devices
  • Iris / Retina
  • Palm / Hand
  • Fingertip
  • Surveillance Systems
  • Analog Surveillance Systems

IP Surveillance Systems

IP based video surveillance systems have inherent advantages to traditional analog systems, such as;

  • Being able to view the video from any location in the world, via a computer, smartphone or tablet
  • Software management
  • Scalability, depending on the equipment and systems installed are virtually limitless

VoDa offers:

  • Network and IP Video Cameras
  • Hosted Management, analytics and storage options
  • Remote Wireless Surveillance (Unattended sites)
  • Event Surveillance
  • People Counting
  • Moving Vehicle Surveillance
  • Intrusion Protection: Thermal, Visual and Radar Tracking

Let VoDa analyze your surveillance and access control needs and help you to choose the right solution for your business!