VoDa Traditional TDM Voice products:

  • Analog lines (POTS- Plain Old Telephone Service)
  • DVL (Digital Voice Lines) Analog hand-off
  • T-1s
  • Toll Free
  • Premise-based Hybrid PBX system (TDM Digital/VoIP)

Analog lines (POTS)

VoDa’s plain old telephone service (POTS), or traditional landlines, delivered via copper pairs is still a necessary part of business operations. Whether you need one line for an alarm, fax or credit card machine, or a group of lines as a failover solution for your primary voice service, we can provide what you need.
VoDa can install new service with new numbers, or move (port) your existing numbers to VoDa.

VoDa can build you a customized calling plan to fit your calling pattern.

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Digital Voice Lines

Digital Voice Lines (DVLs) are Analog-like (POTS-like) lines delivered over an Internet connection.Ideal when you still need to have an analog hand-off for your printers, faxes, credit card modems or other special lines.

DVLs provide all of the features and benefits of regular POTS lines including LNP, Operator Services and Directory Assistance, E911, and a large number of end user calling features. Includes Local and Long Distance calling packages.

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Traditional PRI service continues to be a reliable and cost effective solution for many businesses. VoDa’s PRI service is an efficient and flexible bundle of ISDN circuits consisting of 23 B channels (64 Kbps each) and one D channel (64Kbps) equivalent to one T1 link of 1.544Mbps.

PRI service is flexible in that the channels can be allocated for voice and data to fit your custom application. Multiple PRI’s can be bonded for even greater call capacity. Embedded features include Caller ID with name and number and built in Fail-over to your specified number.

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(Trunk Group 1) or T carrier system was introduced by Bell Labs in the 1960s as the first successful system to digitize voice transmissions.

For many years T-1’s, equaling 1.5Mbps of bandwidth were the most prevailing method of transmitting Voice and Data communications for businesses. Originally, the T-carrier system used copper wires, but now it can go over different media including cable, satellite, fiber, etc.

T-1 is an entirely digital system that uses (24), 64Kbps multiplexed channels. (64Kbps =Minimum bandwidth for a phone conversation). T-1s can be used for Voice or Data transmissions or both (Integrated T’s).

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Toll Free Service

VoDa provides numbers available in all Toll Free prefixes such as 800, 866, 877, 888, etc.

VoDa’s 24/7 support can help you re-route your Toll Free traffic in a matter of seconds by changing your “ring to” number. This is an important feature in the event of a voice circuit failure, and provides another layer of disaster recovery. You can receive re-routed calls to ANY number you provide to us, even a cell phone. Let VoDa help you find the Toll Free number that is right for your business.

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Premise Based TDM-PBX (Private Branch Exchange) refers to the traditional TDM telephone systems that use analog or digital connections (Analog, POTS lines, T-1’s, PRI trunks). Historically, enterprises installed local PBX systems to reduce the cost of subscribing to multiple telephone lines for each employee.

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