Direct Trunk Overflow (DTO)

DTO is a failover solution for a voice (PRI) circuit, which is initiated in either of two instances; 1) All channels on a T1 are being utilized and therefore no more calls can be made or received or, 2) In the event of an outage, or circuit failure, DTO will redirect calls to either one or multiple phones independent of the voice circuit. DTO will redirect incoming calls, but will have no effect on making outbound calls in the event of circuit failure. The predetermined failover number is designed on the circuit. Typically, businesses use regular POTS lines as back-up. If there are several POTS lines available, the failover will be configured to “hunt” for those lines. For example, if you have 5 POTS lines, the first number in the group will ring first. The circuit will provide for 4 additional “paths” so that 5 consecutive calls can be received. Conversely, the 5 POTS lines must be ordered in a “forward hunt group” so that additional incoming calls will pass to the next available number in the group.  DTO will automatically disable when the outage is repaired or the circuit is no longer being over utilized.