Data Networking

Your LAN, WAN, dedicated connections and all their computing components facilitate the flow of vital data across your organization. They are the “central nervous system” of your business, therefore your lifeline.

VoDa has different solutions that address your data networking and computing needs:

  • SD-WAN
  • Colocation/Data Center
  • Cloud Connect
  • Cloud Computing

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Multiprotocol Label Switching Protocol is used to create Virtual Private Networks (VPNs). MPLS VPN is a flexible method to transport and route several types of network traffic. It is a tried and true solution for connecting multiple offices, remote or traveling workers, or any other destination you need to network with. This is accomplished by creating one connection from your network to the MPLS network, which acts as the hub. The multi-protocol switching will assign the data packets and private labels identifying their destination and securely route them to the desired end point. QoS will prioritize your voice, data, video, and database applications.

MPLS (as a private network), though not encrypted, provides excellent security from attackers hoping to intercept data on the WAN due to the private nature of the network.

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Software Defined WAN is an innovative and disruptive solution.

SD-WAN is expected to grow more than 90% by 2020.

It is simplifying WAN management, accelerating WAN deployment while reducing bandwidth cost, providing Business Agility. Its ability to combine traditional networking technologies like MPLS with more cost effective access like LTE, allows organizations to direct traffic to remote/smaller locations reducing networking costs while enhancing network monitoring and network traffic management.

Key advantages of SD-WAN are:

  • Complete Transport Independence. Since the WAN is virtualized it can take advantage of any transport protocol. Secure IP fabric over any underlying transport and connection service in combination (MPLS, 4G, LTE, Cable, Metro Ethernet, etc.).
  • Better security since it does not reside in multiple appliances at each location. Security functions such as cloud web content filtering service, malware defenses and botnet command-and-control intervention for every branch and remote devices is included “in-the-box”. Businesses using SD-WAN also have the chance to make data confidential by using various encryption methods.
  • Option of Bandwidth aggregation. Two diverse connections, one logical pipe. Better resource utilization.
  • Application optimization and improved application performance. Intelligent pathway control that steers traffic based on the application. This traffic-forwarding capability can be set in place at the centralized controller level and then pushed out to all SD-WAN devices Policies can be based on IP addresses, application profiles, port number, QoS (quality-of-service) markings, time of day, or any other number of variables.
  • Automatic Provisioning. The devices then can download their policy, crypto certificate and keys and automatically start to learn traffic patterns.
  • QoS for Voice services by tagging Voice packets with higher priority.

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Colocation/ Data Center

VoDa partners with industry leading Data Centers and Third-party Cloud providers.

VoDa Data Center partners offer:

  • Highly secured and lockable rack cabinets or cages. On-Site operations team and 24/7 security
  • Cross-Connect to all major access providers and direct access to third-party cloud providers
  • Additional capacity can be brought on quickly, and only as needed
  • Dedicated infrastructure to build your cloud strategy
  • A clear road map for disaster recovery
  • Experienced professionals managing your data center facility

Climate control

State-of-the-Art security: video surveillance, biometric and badge access, logging, and the like.

Real-time live monitoring of all these functions for failures

Let VoDa find the right solution for your network infrastructure’s needs.

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Cloud Connect

Dedicated, Secure, Resilient and High-Performing connectivity to Third Party Private and Public Cloud Providers such as AWS, Google and Microsoft Azure.

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Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing took Virtualization to the next level. Virtualization is about technology. Cloud is about features, service and the deployment model.
The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) defines cloud computing as “a model for enabling on-demand network access to a shared pool of resources that can be rapidly provisioned with minimal effort or interaction.” The five essential characteristics of cloud computing are on-demand self-service, broad network access, resource pooling, rapid elasticity or expansion, and measured service.

Cloud could be Private, Public or the combination of both (Hybrid).

Cloud provides self-service capability, elasticity, automated management, scalability and pay-as-you-go service that is not inherent in virtualization.
Private Cloud computing means the client owns or leases the hardware and software that provides the consumption model. You pay for resources as you go, as you consume them, from a [vendor] that is providing such resources to multiple clients, often in a co-tenant scenario.

Public Cloud is an environment open to many users, built to serve multi-tenanted requirements. This option may present some security risks and potential latency in performance.

Cloud solutions are best for companies that:

  • Want to outsource systems’ support and free up their IT staff so they can concentrate on more strategic projects. (From Caretaker to Decision Maker)
  • Are constantly changing and require quick setups.
  • Work better with an OPEX (Operational Expenditures) model.
  • Require fast scale (up or down), flexibility and don’t have too many security concerns.

VoDa partners with leading Third-party Cloud Providers. Together we will perform an in-depth analysis of your organization’s specific needs and requirements, including an audit of your physical hardware to help you determine the best Cloud Strategy for your business!

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