Long before the invention of the Internet and Email, Voice was the prevailing method of Business-to-Business communication. By 2016, however, it was estimated that email was used 98% of the time.

But when it comes to Business to Consumer or vice versa, Voice Communications is still the most prevailing method of interaction.

On-Site Business Voice communications can be classified in two categories: Traditional TDM and VoIP. (Mobile Communications uses a combination of multiplexing techniques to transfer voice communications. (See Mobile Services)

TDM (Time Division Multiplexing) was the only technology used to transmit phone calls. TDM is based on electrical circuits that are physically switched on the public switched telephone network (PSTN) owned by phone carriers.

Then came the Internet and later on in 1989 Alon Cohen (Israeli entrepreneur) co-founded VocalTec Inc., and is the co-inventor of the first audio transceiver that made VoIP possible. He is considered the Inventor of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) which is the technology for the delivery of voice communications and multimedia sessions over Internet Protocol. VoIP technology enabled the use of the Internet, instead of traditional landlines, to make phone calls by converting voice calls into packets of data that travel over the public Internet or private Internet Protocol Networks.

VoDa Traditional TDM Voice products:

  • Analog lines (POTS- Plain Old Telephone Service)
  • DVL (Digital Voice Lines) Analog hand-off
  • T-1s
  • Toll Free
  • Premise-based Hybrid PBX system (TDM Digital/VoIP)

VoDa Cellular products:
See VoDa’s Mobile-Cellular Services

VoDa VoIP products:

  • SIP Trunks
  • SIP PRIs
  • Premise-based IP PBX
  • Cloud Hosted VoIP
  • Unified Communications
  • Contact Center/ Call Center Solutions
  • Cloud Hosted VoIP for Hospitality

Communications are the lifeblood of your business. Let VoDa help you choose the right technology to create a compelling customer experience.

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VoDa’s TDM Voice products:

Analog lines (POTS)
VoDa’s plain old telephone service (POTS), or traditional landlines, delivered via copper pairs is still a necessary part of business operations. Whether you need one line for an alarm, fax or credit card machine, or a group of lines as a failover solution for your primary voice service, we can provide what you need.
VoDa can install new service with new numbers, or move (port) your existing numbers to VoDa.

VoDa can build you a customized calling plan to fit your calling pattern.

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Digital Voice Lines

Digital Voice Lines (DVLs) are Analog-like (POTS-like) lines delivered over an Internet connection.

Ideal when you still need to have an analog hand-off for your printers, faxes, credit card modems or other special lines.

DVLs provide all of the features and benefits of regular POTS lines including LNP, Operator Services and Directory Assistance, E911, and a large number of end user calling features. Includes Local and Long Distance calling packages.

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Traditional PRI service continues to be a reliable and cost effective solution for many businesses.
VoDa’s PRI service is an efficient and flexible bundle of ISDN circuits consisting of 23 B channels (64 Kbps each) and one D channel (64Kbps) equivalent to one T1 link of 1.544Mbps.

PRI service is flexible in that the channels can be allocated for voice and data to fit your custom application.

Multiple PRI’s can be bonded for even greater call capacity.

Embedded features include Caller ID with name and number and built in Fail-over to your specified number.

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(Trunk Group 1) or T carrier system was introduced by Bell Labs in the 1960s as the first successful system to digitize voice transmissions.

For many years T-1’s, equaling 1.5Mbps of bandwidth were the most prevailing method of transmitting Voice and Data communications for businesses. Originally, the T-carrier system used copper wires, but now it can go over different media including cable, satellite, fiber, etc.

T-1 is an entirely digital system that uses (24), 64Kbps multiplexed channels. (64Kbps =Minimum bandwidth for a phone conversation). T-1s can be used for Voice or Data transmissions or both (Integrated T’s).

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Toll Free Service

VoDa provides numbers available in all Toll Free prefixes such as 800, 866, 877, 888, etc.

VoDa’s 24/7 support can help you re-route your Toll Free traffic in a matter of seconds by changing your “ring to” number. This is an important feature in the event of a voice circuit failure, and provides another layer of disaster recovery. You can receive re-routed calls to ANY number you provide to us, even a cell phone. Let VoDa help you find the Toll Free number that is right for your business.

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Premise Based TDM-PBX (Private Branch Exchange) refers to the traditional TDM telephone systems that use analog or digital connections (Analog, POTS lines, T-1’s, PRI trunks). Historically, enterprises installed local PBX systems to reduce the cost of subscribing to multiple telephone lines for each employee.

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VoDa’s IP Voice Products:


A SIP PRI is the technology of providing SIP trunks with a PRI handoff. The SIP PRI can be deployed using your existing bandwidth. Older phone systems are able to utilize SIP technology by adding an IAD (Internet Access Device), thereby giving the PRI handoff. A SIP PRI is a cost effective way to use a current technology without the investment of a new phone system. Choice of Measured or Bundled usage packages are available.

VoDa has a number of certified IP VoIP premise based systems that work with SIP technology.

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SIP Trunks

  • SIP is the technology that allows multiple trunks to be used to replace standard phone lines. SIP is provided in conjunction with an IP based phone system.
  • VoDa provides SIP trunks via our diverse selection of tier 1 carriers.
  • SIP trunks are quickly and easily scalable, providing sufficient data bandwidth is in place.
  • SIP Trunking can be a replacement or a back-up to your current voice service.
  • Installation timeframe is days instead of weeks to turn-up.
  • SIP Trunks offer many of the same features as PRI’s;
  • Custom calling packages of unlimited, bundled, and metered rates
  • DID/DOD Service
  • Ability to port existing numbers
  • Ability to port numbers from different rate centers, i.e. 212 to a 631 or 732 etc.
  • Multiple inbound and outbound routes

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Premise Based IP-PBX refers to VoIP systems completely housed and managed at the customer site where the signaling is done with an IP Phone to the IP-PBX Server (In-house server) using the customer’s LAN (Local Area Network). IP-PBX systems run on the company’s data network. The server and all the components of the system are managed and maintained by the end-user or outsourced through a maintenance contract. The main benefit of VoIP phone systems is that they don’t have to be physically connected to the PSTN. A premise-based IP PBX system works with IP, SIP Trunks & SIP PRIs.

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Cloud Hosted VoIP

Hosted VoIP technology allows businesses to have a sophisticated telephone system without a large investment in premise based telephone equipment.
With a Hosted platform, your phone services are delivered over the internet using VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology instead of the traditional PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network).

Companies pay a subscription fee (“As-a-Service” model) to access the IP phone system that is hosted in the Cloud and maintained by a third-party service provider. The telephone system becomes an operational expenditure (OPEX), instead of a capital expenditure (CAPEX). Cloud Hosted VoIP can reduce overall telecom costs significantly.

A Cloud Hosted VoIP system will allow you to eliminate your PBX system altogether. Whether working from the office, home, or traveling, employees all share the same hosted PBX features. Cloud Hosted VoIP takes care of your employees’ ever increasing need for Mobility and Flexibility.

Some key points to consider:

  • Your telephone system is “hosted” or operated by a Cloud provider in secure, state-of-the-art geo-redundant/power-redundant data centers, providing a built-in business continuity and disaster recovery strategy. A catastrophic event on your end, or the loss of your internet service will not affect your business since calls can be automatically routed to mobile phones, other office numbers or voicemails.
  • A Cloud provider has R&D resources to bring about the latest features. Patches and upgrades on the system are done automatically and free of charge.
  • The set of features that can complement VoIP phone systems is virtually unlimited. Hosted platforms usually offer over 50 different features included with their standard services.
  • A hosted platform bundles Users (Seat) and Lines (Call paths) thereby eliminating the need to keep telephone lines with the local telephone carrier.
  • Software based phones or soft phones are computer programs that simulate a business telephone on your cellphone, desktop, laptop or tablet.
  • A hosted solution is flexible and scalable to fit your growing business needs by enabling you to add users, extensions, change greetings or auto-attendants at anytime from anywhere. Moves, Adds, and Changes become second nature.
  • All hosted solutions from major providers offer end-to-end encryption making VoIP a very secure communication method.

Click here to see the List of VoIP Features

VoDa partners with the top Cloud Hosted VoIP providers in the industry, Let VoDa deliver a tailored solution that is right for your business!

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Unified Communications (UC)

UC is not a single product but rather the integration of multiple enterprise communication services that present a unified user experience from which Voice (VoIP and Telephony) is one of the most important components. UC is constantly evolving with more and more applications and tools being constantly added.

You can have an in-house server based UC solution or you can opt for a Cloud Hosted solution that is known as Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS).

Frost and Sullivan’s forecast for the North American Hosted IP Telephony and Unified Communications-as-a-Service (UCaaS) market indicated growth of over 30 percent in 2016, with a similar growth rate continuing into 2023.

Because of its proven Security, Reliability and Flexibility more enterprise size companies are adopting this technology as part of their telecommunications strategy.

Gartner’s 2017 Magic Quadrant indicates that UCaaS capabilities now exceed those available from premise-based UC. The pace of UCaaS innovation is accelerating as vendors focus R&D resources on cloud delivery.

VoDa partners with major Premise-based and Cloud Hosted, UC and VoIP providers with global reach. We analyze the unique requirements of your industry, your business and your budget, and match them with the best solutions in the market.

VoDa’s UC solutions offer:

  • VoIP
  • Text Messaging, (SMS)
  • Intracompany Chat
  • Presence
  • Web/Audio/Video-Conference
  • Virtual Whiteboard
  • Document Sharing
  • Mobility: Mobile applications, softphone
  • Desk Phones: Hosted or On-Premise
  • EFax
  • Voicemail-to-Email integration
  • Integrated Voicemail
  • Analytics: Real time reports, Call Accounting
  • Integrations: Native or Custom
  • o Additional Communications Functionality Integration: Screen Pops, IVR, Click-to-call, Call Routing and Control, Notifications
  • o Productivity Software Integrations: CRM, Office-Productivity, Security Hardware, Recruiting Software, Property Management, Call Center Solutions, Hospitality Solutions, Custom Applications

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Call Center/ Contact Center
VoDa offers a rich feature set of carrier class contact and call center applications from its high-available geo-redundant cloud platform infrastructure. Our call center solutions have been developed to deliver the highest quality hosted call center experience to small and medium sized businesses without the significant upfront capital investment.

Call Centers are configured and managed through the VoDa browser based portal providing users direct access to advanced, real-time reporting on a wide range of metrics. With easy access and visibility into the performance of their organization, supervisors can monitor their call center queues and manage call flow at a glance using the statistics grid found on the portal home screen. Real-time statistics such as calls waiting, average wait time, average handling time, abandon rate, calls answered, and call volume are among some of the many advanced visual reports available. The background colors of the stats grid act as visual alerts and change from green to yellow to red based on numeric thresholds chosen by the supervisor. Supervisors are also able to run reports and gather information about an entire call center or take a deep dive into the more granular metrics. These reports act as tools that promote productivity and increase revenue for all Call Centers of any size.

Advanced Call Management

  • Empower your Call Center Team with call management tools to customize and fit any call center environment
  • Queue based routing
  • Configurable Time Frames
  • Ring Groups
  • Call Parking
  • Answering Rules
  • Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)
  • IVR/Auto Attendant

Call Center Supervisor

Call center supervisors manage the activities of their agents, monitor call flows and analyze reports within the intuitive browser based interface.

  • Real Time Management
  • Dashboard and Reports
  • Automated call back IVR
  • Whisper/Listen/Barge In
  • Contact History Database
  • CRM Integration
  • Configurable Call Monitoring

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Cloud Hosted VoIP for Hospitality
VoDa’s Hosted PBX solution for the Hospitality industry provides cutting-edge phone system management, billing, and productivity tools. All specifically tailored to property management operators for improving customer care, reducing costs, and providing their guests with the best experience possible.

It is designed to provide hotel operators with everything needed to manage operations in a single affordable solution. Significant cost & management advantages are achieved utilizing the power of VoIP technology. VoDa’s Hospitality solution is a flexible, reliable, and secure communications platform specifically designed for any size hotel, resort, or other type of hospitality environment. Since this is a cloud based system, our solution also eliminates the maintenance, support, and expense typically associated with on-site PBX systems.

Our hospitality solution allows hotels to replace costly PBX systems with an affordable VoIP alternative which is designed to increase productivity and streamline operations. It integrates seamlessly with any existing hospitality environment. The flexibility of the system allows it to be compatible with all the leading Property Management Systems and virtually all analog and IP based phones from all the leading manufacturers.

Besides being able to integrate easily with most Property Management Systems (PMS), our solution also includes a built-in PMS system for those that don’t already own a full featured system. It also includes billing and business intelligence. Features designed to reduce costs, maximize profits and enhance front desk operations.


  • Automated Wake-Up Calls
  • One-Touch Check-In / Check-Out
  • Do-Not-Disturb Notifications
  • Housekeeping Status
  • Room Occupancy Display
  • Call Budgeting Tool
  • 911 Front Desk Alert
  • Billing Module
  • Call Privilege Management
  • PMS Integration
  • User Friendly Web Interface
  • Failover Support
  • Stand-Alone Billing
  • Cost and Statistics Reports
  • Exportable Call & Payment Logs to Simplify Accounting Tasks
  • SIP Trunk Support
  • Voicemail and Messaging
  • Third-Party Integration

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  • Account-Authorization Codes
  • ANI/CLI Customizations
  • Anonymous Call Rejection
  • Authentication by Digest
  • Busy Lamp Field
  • Call Forwarding
  • Call Forwarding Always
  • Call Forwarding Busy
  • Call Forwarding No Answer
  • Call Forwarding Not Reachable
  • Find Me (multiple numbers)
  • Call Logs (Inbound and Outbound)
  • Call Monitoring
  • Automatic Recording
  • Supervising Mode
  • Silent Monitoring
  • Call Notify
  • Call Pick Up
  • Call Pick Up Department
  • Call Pick Up Domain
  • Directed Call Pickup
  • Call Recording
  • Call Return
  • Call Park with Ringback
  • Call Transfer
  • Attended Transfer
  • Blind Transfer
  • Intercom Transfer
  • Transfer to Voicemail
  • Call Waiting
  • Calling Line ID Delivery Blocking
  • Calling Name Retrieval
  • CDRs
  • Charge or Billing Number
  • Client Call Control (API and User Portal)
  • Conferencing (Multi-Way Calling)
  • Simultaneous Ring (Group)


  • Custom Integrations
  • Salesforce Integration
  • Virtual Office Control Panel
  • Hospitality and Resort Systems (PMS)
  • MS Outlook Integration
  • API
  • Access all System Functions

SIP Devices

  • Velocity Filter for Bad Digits
  • Call Control
  • Configurable Authorizations
  • Unified Communication
  • Hot Desking
  • Fault Tolerant
  • Active-Active Architecture
  • Geo-distributed
  • Highly Scalable
  • Rolling and Hitless Upgrades
  • Security and Fraud Detection
  • Auto Block Failed Registrations
  • Auto Block SIP Port Scanning
  • Auto Block Promiscuous

Device Provisioning

  • Customized Directories
  • Domain and Device Overrides
  • MAC Management
  • Remotely Triggered Updates
  • Supports most SIP Phones
  • Zero Touch Device Configuration
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • 911 Emergency Calling