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Your relationship with VoDa continues beyond the installation of our service. We are there for you, every day, at any hour, to help with technical support or any inquiry you may have. No matter what you need, just one call or email is all it takes to get our attention.

VoDa’s customers are provided with a support contact sheet which lists our support email addresses and office numbers and cell phone numbers to insure that we are always reachable. The support numbers above are automatically routed to our out of state answer service after normal business hours, on weekends and holidays.

Your call is immediately answered by a live operator who contacts us within minutes by phone and email. Our operators are instructed to continue to call us until we confirm that we received the message and have responded to our customer.

We encourage our customers to print our contact sheet and keep it in their telecom room so they don’t lose precious time trying to find the right person to call or email in an emergency.

We also keep a list of your key IT contact(s) so in the event that you can’t reach us, we can call you.

We pride ourselves on the level of service and personal attention that we provide to every one of our customers.

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