Network Monitring DashboardNot every business has an in house IT staff to monitor and manage their network infrastructure. Conversely, maybe your infrastructure is too large for your IT staff to handle alone.

In either situation, VoDa can help.

We can provide the right level of managed services to fit your budget and your needs. Whether it’s as simple as monitoring a single internet connection, monitoring multiple locations or mapping an entire network, we provide, as well as partner with industry leaders to put the right monitoring services in place.

At the very basic level, we utilize in-house monitoring tools which alert us when your internet connection is lost. When we receive an alarm, we become actively engaged in technical support and repair. We like the fact that it is usually us calling you with status before you call us asking for help! The best part of this service is that it is automatically activated by us as soon as your circuit is installed, and it’s free.

If your network topology contains multiple carriers and technologies, and/or multiple locations both national and international, we have the tools to map your network down to each individual IP and firewall.  We partner with industry leaders to put the right monitoring services in place. Our most trusted partner Nectar Corp., is revolutionizing how enterprise businesses and service providers manage their voice, video, and web collaboration applications, systems, and networks using their Unified Communications Management Platform (UCMP).

This architecture-based, vendor-agnostic approach provides a holistic infrastructure for inventory, monitoring, alarming, root-cause-analysis, capacity, and performance management across global IP communications systems. And UCMP enables both remediation and remote programming support to ensure a truly seamless, quality user experience.

Whether your UC environment leverages Microsoft Skype for Business/Lync, Cisco, Avaya/Nortel, or other platform technologies, UCMP can bring clarity to your business processes and complex UC interdependencies via centralized, cross-platform management and monitoring. At the same time, you’ll have real-time visibility into each UC user’s experience and actionable performance information for faster resolution of service issues. We cannot stress enough the importance of having the ability to immediately pinpoint and correct performance issues. UCMP will take the guessing and finger-pointing out of the equation once and for all.

The Unified Communications Management Platform (UCMP) architecture is comprised of four components, built from the ground up to accommodate diverse business units.

  • UC Foundation (UCF) – Superior Health & Performance Monitoring & Management
  • UC Diagnostics (UCD) – Advanced Monitoring, Management, Reporting and Diagnostics
  • Perspective – Easy-to-Deploy Synthetic Network Testing Capabilities
  • Call Analysis – Multi-Vendor CDR Collection, Rating & Cost Analysis                                        

Together, these components enable economies of scale and IT collaboration while assuring an easy path for future technology needs and business growth. UCMP enables users to easily and cost-effectively integrate and manage new software and services from any other vendor while reducing operational costs and maximizing their organization’s total cost of ownership.

Contact us for an even more detailed description of the 4 UCMP components listed above. We will help you to determine what level of monitoring, mapping and visibility is best for your network.