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VoDa partners with industry leading data centers. Whether you choose to co-locate your hardware or to lease dedicated or shared space, these world class data centers will accommodate any need or requirement you have. Let us help you choose the options, features, and service you require for all of your hosting needs. Our Co-Lo’s offer on-site operations teams and 24/7 Security.

Here are some of the many significant benefits of using a Colocation Facility;

  • Highly secured and lockable rack cabinets or cages
  • Network connectivity—either in a ‘house blend’, where the colo provider is a customer of independent carriers, and connects their clients to their own router for access to multiple carriers, or as direct ‘cross-connect’ access to the routers of the carriers themselves, or both
  • Additional capacity can be brought on quickly, and only as needed
  • Dedicated infrastructure to build your cloud strategy
  • A clear road map for disaster recovery
  • Experienced professionals managing your data center facility
  • Climate control
  • State of the Art security- video surveillance, biometric and badge access, logging, and the like.
  • Real-time live monitoring of all these functions for failures.