SIP is the technology that allows multiple trunks to be used to replace standard phone lines. SIP is provided in conjunction with an IP based phone system.

VoDa provides SIP trunks via our diverse selection of tier 1 carriers.

SIP trunks are quickly and easily scalable, providing sufficient data bandwidth is in place.

SIP Trunking can be a replacement or a back-up to your current voice service.

Installation timeframe is days instead of weeks to turn-up.

SIP Trunking offers many of the same features as PRI’s;

  • Custom calling packages of unlimited, bundled, and metered rates
  • DID/DOD Service
  • Ability to port existing numbers
  • Ability to port numbers from different rate centers, i.e. 212 to a 631 or 732 etc.
  • Multiple inbound and outbound routes